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Let’s go back in time, Rudolf
to Rudolf Diesel (1858-1913)

he legendary inventor of the diesel engine was happy to play around with pure vegetable oils and was indeed a man after our own hearts. The prototype that would eventually establish his name globally was originally meant to run on peanut oil: biodegradable fuel. Dinöl Cebag ® is quite happy to pick up the thread.

The advantages of bio diesel are countless. For instance, Dinöl Cebag ® is obtained from an inexhaustible source, since the raw materials are planted and harvested every year. It is much cleaner than fossil fuel, non-toxic, and does not contain any sulphur or aromatics (harmful types of hydrocarbons). It has proven lower CO2 emissions, and it is distinctly more economical in its use.

See? That is what we call driving with a smile.
A pleasure on the road.


Dinöl Cebag ® is the front-runner in the production and sale of PVO (Pure Vegetable Oil as fuel) on the German market. It is an ambitious player in a fast growing field. Regionally operating representatives skilfully realise “tapping points”, which can serve lorry traffic fast and efficiently. Our network has been expanding visibly, and Dinöl Cebag ®’s smile pops up increasingly often.

All drivers know that stagnation costs money, which is why we want to go full speed ahead and are lobbying enthusiastically behind the scenes. As soon as the Dutch government starts allowing the use of excise-free or excise-friendly PVO and bio diesel in the transport world, Dinöl Cebag ® will be there. You can count on that.

We also have more concrete objectives: in the near future, bio fuel should become available for all types of engines, including petrol motors or generators.

Flexibility is our trademark. Dinöl Cebag ® makes sure it is constantly breaking new ground, and it is discerningly enterprising and up-to-date. This is why it is a member of the Product Board for Margarine, Fats and Oils (MVO), which represents the producers, processors and buyers in the Dutch oils and fats industry. They are partners and pioneers in a new era.